Tim Rideout

I discovered the osteopath Eddy Basch quite by accident - and to be honest, out of desperation. I had injured my shoulder at some point, and over the course of a few weeks the pain had increased from mild annoyance to excruciating on bad days. In short, nothing I was doing would alleviate the pain (stretching, drugs, sleep, rest, etc). I had never been to see an osteopath before, and being quite willing to try anything to stop the pain, I found Eddy online, booked an appointment and went the same week. Not only did Eddy cure my severe shoulder pain within 3 visits, he answered my health-related questions with ease and reassurance, he encouraged me to develop a longer term health plan for myself, advised me on my sports-related interests (running) and listened with patience and experience. He also dispelled any myths I had regarding the field of osteopathy, of which I was previously skeptical. I saw him a few months later for another injury (plantar fasciitis - pain in the tendons of the foot). The results from his treatment far surpass any other techniques I've been trying (ice, massage, active release techniques, Strassburg Sock, etc). We were two for two! I highly recommend osteopathy for joint, ligament and musculo-skeletal injuries. Moreover, I highly recommend Eddy Basch for his excellent treatment, bedside manner and health-related wisdom. He's a super nice guy that knows his craft inside out. Thanks Eddy!

Elaine Catton

I saw Eddy Basch recently for 3 sessions while I was visiting Montreal. I love the way he works. I’d been suffering from a chronic neck problem for 7 months and was experiencing tightness, pain and reduced mobility when turning my head. His treatment is gentle and very subtle and I found him to be extremely sensitive and deeply attuned to what was happening in my neck, back and head. Over the three treatments I felt the problem in my neck gradually unravelling. The tightness loosened, the pain diminished and mobility improved. I have seen many chiropractors and osteopaths in the past but have never experienced a practitioner who is so finely attuned to the body, working with the body in a deeply sensitive and responsive way rather than imposing their own preconceived ideas on it. I would recommend Eddy to anyone who wants a deeply sensitive, knowledgeable and experienced practitioner who is able to work skillfully and effectively with your own unique configuration of issues. Thank you so much Eddy for your excellent help!

James Dao

Eddy is a very compassionate man with advanced skills in his domain. He helped relieve my symptoms of head pain and added to my recovery which many health professionals could not do before him. I highly recommend having a visit to Eddy, he is very attentive and will put you at ease as soon as you meet him.

Pierre Bernier

Eddy Basch's osteopathy is amazingly effective. His treatments are painless. He helped me with my back, my neck, the tension in my shoulders, my breathing (my diaphragm) and other stuff. Wow. BTW, he didn't pay me to write this; I'm sharing this in the hope that he can help others. All-in-all, I wished I had discovered him earlier in my life.

A Google User

I tore some ligaments in my knee and was limping around for over 3 months before I decided to see someone about it. A friend recommended Eddy Basch. Using osteopathy, a professional, gentle touch and a profound knowledge of the physiology of the body, he basically gave me back the use of my knee. Thank you!

Giuseppe V

I did my research couple of months ago for an osteopath, and I came across Eddy's reviews. I contacted and received a call back the next day and booked an appointment. I had constant lower back pain, pinched nerves and neck pains. Previous to visiting Eddy I would see a chiropractor and didn't feel or see significant improvement, considering i been going for over 2 years. I am now into my 6th visit with Mr. Eddy Basch, I can tell you that with Eddy's help, advice towards sleep posture and day to day activities, I am relieved of back pain! I really appreciate his honesty and excellent application of osteopath methodology. I highly recommend Eddy Basch for anyone suffering from back pain! Thank you!

Google User

As someone who spends a great amount of time at the computer for work, I've had recurring repetitive stress-related injuries. Eddy's talents have saved me from unwanted downtime on a number of occasions, and his advice has helped me adopt better ergonomic practices. Highly recommended!
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